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February 17, 2007

I joined WP so I can use the logged in reply thing to other people.

If you want to see my actual blogs, then :-

Free SF Reader
Not Free Reader
Super Reader
Australian SF Reader
Graphic SF Reader
Space Opera Reader
Free SF Best
Year’s Best SF Reader

See info below for the first one, which will give you the idea :-


There are a few ways to approach browsing or using Super Reader.

Firstly, I am titling each post so it will indicate a series, or if it is a standalone book, by indicating that with the Unique identifier. In this from : Character – Series Number (if this is relevant) Title Information.

1) The main page has the last 50 posts, which you can scroll down to look at.

2) The grid of labels at the top breaks the posts down into sections. Each section has 20 posts per page, and at the bottom of each of these pages are previous/next navigation arrows that will let you go through these a page at a time.
The sections are by category of book, and also by rating of book, if you want to browse that way.

If you scroll down to under my profile image, these labels will be reproduced vertically, with counts of how many posts are in each section, but otherwise function identically to the labels at the top of the blog.

3) If you scroll further down than that, you will find a blog archive section, where posts are archived by month. You can navigate through this in a similar manner to navigation of the sections above.

4) At the bottom right, if you scroll down, there is the complete list of books that I have put together so far. If there is a post about a book, the entry for that book will be a different colour, and have a url that links directly to the book.

5) Google Search – you can use the search box to search, the same as you normally would, but this will rely on googlebot’s indexing. It may turn up other interesting links/ads when you do this, however.

6) Anyone is welcome to comment on the posts. There is an email address on my profile, or you can write to if you have suggestions about books to add to the list, or want to talk to me for some other reason.
This email address is also displayed at the top of the blog.

7) The ADMIN section will contain notes about things that have been added or discovered recently, or about any reorganisation or addiction of categories.

Rating System

5 = Outstanding
4.5 = Very Good
4 = Good
3.5 = Above Average
3 = Average
2.5 = Below Average
2 = Poor
1.5 = Bad
1 = Very Bad
0.5 = Laughable


Adventure Section – For books that are men’s adventure type series, which is mostly the Executioner and his spinoffs and the Destroyer, but some others do fit here and may be uncovered over time, and it doesn’t mean no female characters.

Buffy Universe Section – Books about characters in the Buffyverse, generally Buffy and Angel. Books about the supporting characters will be put in either the Buffy or Angel subsection as appropriate.

DC Universe Section – Books about characters from the DC Universe.

Flying Aces Section – Pulp aviators and others that like to fly plains.

Eternal Champion Section – Books about Michael Moorcock’s multiverse spanning Eternal Champion superhero. There are a few of his other books that are very tangentially related, too.

Ghost Busters Section – Books that are original creations and are about psychic/occult/supernatural detectives and other such monster hunters. Dark fantasy/paranormal romance doesn’t really fit here.

Judge Dredd 2000AD Section – Books about characters from 2000 AD.

Jungle Lords Section – Tarzan and other Kings and Queens of the Jungle, and Edgar Rice Burroughs other heroes. Note that the Lords is deliberate. Jungle Queens will be found in Pulp Heroines, now that there is such as section, given there are not so many of them.

Kids Section – Books of a reasonable length that are clearly aimed at children, that I happen to have come across. I won’t be going out of my way to find lists of relevant young adult or kids series here, but if you know of any, I am happy to mention them.

Lone Riders – The Western style hero that wouldn’t be much without a good horse. The Lone Ranger, Zorro, The Masked Rider, etc.

Marvel Universe Section – Books about characters from the Marvel Universe.

Modern Legends Section – Books about heroes from legend, with a modern twist or character and published in the relevant time period. No Morte D’Arthur, etc. This is not something I have investigated thoroughly, but I have put down what I have read that I can recall, and others have suggested. Examples are when modern people run into heroes from legend, that sort of thing.

Old Adventurers Section – For books that are closer in ethos to the 19th than the 20th century. For this reason, I have moved The Hampdenshire Wonder and Green Mansions from the Original Section to here. Ghostbusters from this era will be found in the Ghostbusters section, at the start of the section. For Sherlock Holmes, I have included a few pastiche books of the more fun Wold Newton type crossover styles, which are more likely to appeal to Super Readers, in general. Listening all of these is a huge task, so I have included some links that have quite a lot of these listed. If I read them, I will put them down, but this is basically a job in and of itself and more.

Original Heroes Section – Books that are original creations and are pretty obviously superhero in nature.

Other and Tie-In Section – Books from comics from publishers other than the big two, also based on movies, tv shows, radio, internet, or any media yet to be evented. Ghost of Albion came from web animation I believe, for example. Ghostbuster types here, 30 Days of Night, Bureau 13, Cal McDonald, The Crow, Ultraviolet, Underworld, Van Helsing, Witchblade.

Pulp Heroes Section – Books from the pulp era. The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Spider, The Avenger, and other heroes.

Pulp Heroines Section – Exactly as above, but a woman is the star.

Pulp Villains Section – Books from the pulp era where the bad guy was the star, Fu Manchu, Doctor Satan, etc.

Related Section – For books of interest such as Kavalier and Clay and that sort of book, and, just recently, a podcast, The Secret World Chronicle, that is audio, but likely to become a book.

Romance Section – For romance titles I happen to come across, or are suggested, with an appropriate theme, and not intended as spoofs. Dark fantasy and paranormal romance would fit here. The Nora Roberts book Night Shade will be moved here, for one. These are almost all suggestions from my sister that I took a quick look at, those that I haven’t read.

SF Section – For science fiction with a superhuman, superman or similar type of theme. The divide between here and the Original Heroes Section can be a very blurry beast, or even the section itself.

Space Heroes Section – For the space heroes, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, John Carter, Perry Rhodan et. al.

Spoof Section – For sendups, parodies, satires, etc.. The Tick could certainly full under this area. I have now indicated which character the books are spoofing. For example, a Superman spoof is indicated with Superman S, S being for Spoof.

Spy Heroes Section – For superhero spies, James Bond, Modesty Blaise, and The Saint. The Saint does call himself a detective a bit, but seems to fit here for me, with the Robin Hood type antics he gets up to. There may be others I don’t know about, but Le Carre and Deighton type characters have no place here.

Sword and Sorcery Section – For the superheroes of the Sword, Conan, the Kanes, Kull, the Lankhmar boys and others. Again, this is probably a little blurry and likely missing some. Your Dungeons and Dragons or standard fantasy trilogy type bands of adventurers generally speaking have no place here. Or, to put it another way, Heroic Fantasy, not Epic Fantasy.

Wold Newton Section – For books by Philip Jose Farmer and related authors that deal with this fun notion of character crossovers.

If you have any suggestions for additions, alterations, corrections, or other info, please feel free to comment on a post, or email me if that is easier for you. The email is listed –